Expert Knitter at your Service!


Whether you are looking for something sassy & cheeky or you prefer something stunning & elegant, you can have exactly what comes to mind and no one else will have it.  Handmade knit and crochet pieces make wonderful gifts for someone you care about, including yourself!  From the refined to the rebellious, I have made dozens of garments, accessories, and non-traditional items.

I have years of experience bringing people's ideas to life in hand knits, and I am sure you have some good ones just waiting to be realized.  Feel free to check out my gallery of handmade knits, get to know me and my abilities better in my blog, and contact me when you decide you want to have something completely original.

  • Need a perfect scarf or shrug to go with a new outfit or special dress?
  • Have a wedding coming up?
  • Did you see something, fall in love, and need to make it yours?
  • Do you have someone in your life who is tough to buy for or has picky tastes?
  • Do you or someone you know highly value handmade goods or supporting independent artists? 
  • Have a favorite show, game, or phrase that's too new or obscure to be available to the masses, but you'd love to have shown on a special item for yourself or a friend?

Have an idea?

Feel free to contact me and we can work together to come up with the perfect thing!  I work with you through pictures, your descriptions, and asking questions to make sure that I know exactly what you're looking for--even if you're not entirely sure--and you'll get updates as creation progresses via the blog. 

I am open to a wide variety of ideas and items.  I have created things that an innocent mind probably can't even imagine, or most people have no idea can be made by knitting or crochet. If you have a request you think might shock me, I dare you to give it a shot! We can make something fantastic together.

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